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Our team specialises in searching, selecting and auctioning the best Belgian horses in show jumping.

Our high selection criteria, trusted relationship with breeders and loyal international customers make us a very good reference for auctioning foals, young horses, broodmares and embryos.

We also offer a good service after the auction. When an embryo is purchased, we also take care of the birth and subsequent rearing of the foal. One month before foaling, the mares are transported to the unique infrastructure of Hippo- Lux. A team of dedicated veterinarians monitor the welfare of the mares 247. Daily grazing, professional advice and a complete control at birth guarantee an optimal start for our little champions.

Embryo transfer in horses has proven to be very successful in recent years. It makes it possible to make use of the DNA of exceptional sport mares and so we can breed progressive. In addition, to secure the investments of our customers, we offer financial coverage through like Catherine de Buyl. This offers a protection until the 12th day after the birth, this can be extended per year upon request.

To raise our little champions in the best conditions, we offer rearing in our facilities in Brussels and Waasmunster. We closely monitor feeding, vaccination and visits to the farrier. This allows our horses to grow up in the best conditions until he or she is ready to train or go to her home. Of course we keep the owners informed with nice images of their new acquisition.